A sample of our websites

Apogee Consultants

Apogee Consultants is - us!  We gave up trying to get someone else to provide us a simple, affordable, effective website solution so we learned how to do it ourselves. After awhile, it occurred to us that we should provide this service to other small businesses and thus was born Apogee Websites. Like the fairy tale of the cobbler's children who have no shoes, our consulting website has suffered somewhat from our focus on serving clients' needs.

One of these days we'll spiff it up - or drop it altogether. It looks like the website business is going to be demanding most of our time so we may just drop the consulting business. After all, there are lots of consultants out there, but not very many providers of simple, effective, affordable websites...

Summit County Computers

This is a very simple but effective website. This new business had a GoDaddy website (under the name Computer Wizard) that just was not generating business.  But after putting up this website and taking our advice to put his business into Google Places, he was soon getting calls for help from people who were previously unaware of his services. After we put this website up, he changed the name to its present one and we made the appropriate changes to the name and logo.

It seems like a simple site with not much in it. But it uses key search terms effectively and so works for its intended purpose.  The business owner keeps telling us he wants to add to the website - but he's too busy now!

Crandall Rock

Crandall Rock is a 30-year-old company and this is their first web site. The client lacked a logo, so working through a local logo designer, we came up with something that sets the tone and theme for the subsequent website. They had no pictures, so we took some. 

The client provided us with some basic information and we developed the text from that. Nothing is in forms or downloadable documents, so everything is web searchable. They have also put the business into Google Places, the start of a marketing campaign centered on the website that will get them noticed by more people in more places who are looking for this unique product from a reputable company.

Kamas Collision

Kamas Collision needed a website to attract customers from the upscale communities nearby. They had no logo and didn't want one, but liked their business card design so we found a graphic artist who could provide a logo file from that for the website.

We took some pictures to better illustrate what they do and introduce the owner / operator to the website visitor. They now have an attractive website that tells their story simply and effectively. 

Ernie Sweat Insurance

Mr. Sweat is an expert on group health insurance in Utah and has a wealth of knowledge and insight with the new health exchanges resulting from state and federal initiatives. But, his broker's website didn't showcase Mr. Sweat's expertise or provide an opportunity to explain the complex laws to clients and potential clients. He had wanted to put up a website but hesitated doing so because he felt most web developers didn't understand his business and charged too much.

Apogee Websites consulted with Mr. Sweat on how to present the message and took the pictures necessary to introduce him and his staff to the website visitor.  We also helped identify key search terms that should be in his content so that his website would do well on those search terms.

Duane Schmidt for County Council

Mr. Schmidt was looking for a website that made him stand out from the competition and which he could build on as the campaign developed. We chose a simple grey template that he really liked and helped him develop the layout, content, contact forms and photographs. The site is attractive, easy to navigate and guides the visitor toward a decision to support the candidate (as well as providing ways to do that).