A complete, professional website you can manage yourself - for as little as $500?

That's right. 

With Apogee Websites, community-based businesses, associations and nonprofits can obtain an effective web presence for as little as $500!  

If you've been looking around at website options, you've probably discovered these choices;

  1. Plunk down a minimum of $2500 with a known, reputable firm and hope you get your money's worth
  2. Get a starter website from GoDaddy or Intuit (or other proprietary website solution) that you will soon outgrow
  3. Get a website from companies that charge a low up-front fee but lock you into high monthly 'hosting' fees
  4. Pay a few hundred dollars to a friend or friend-of-a-friend who dabbles in websites and hope they know what they're doing
  5. Take a class online or at the local college or pick up a book and learn to build websites yourself

Well, now there's another choice 

Apogee Websites provides affordable website solutions built on the popular Joomla platform. 

With a Joomla website, you never have to abandon your website and redo it from scratch when your needs change. You can start now with something simple to get you started. Then add content and functionality later, as your organization grows and you learn to leverage your website to help you reach and communicate with your audience. 

You can even completely change the look of your website if you want, without losing or changing any of the content!

And, unlike the proprietary website solutions, your Joomla website is portable. Change hosting and support providers at any time; you're not locked into anything or anyone.

Learn more about how you can have your own Joomla website from Apogee Websites for as little as $500.