Apogee Websites

I started Apogee Websites in late 2011.  I had spent years and many thousands of dollars paying others to build websites for me and my consulting clients. I thought "it shouldn't be this hard and expensive to get a simple but effective website done."  

So, I set out to learn all about website development.  I discovered that most website developers are artists or programmers, not business people. That's why their focus is on making pretty websites, not effective ones. I also learned that most website developers expect the client to know what they need the website to look like and do. The clients are also expected to provide all the content (e.g. words and images).

I thought that was upside down from what most clients wanted and expected from a website developer. I set out to find a technical solution to website development that let me as a developer focus on helping the client figure out what the website should be able to do and the story it needed to tell. That came naturally to me as a management consultant.

The technical solution I found is Joomla! - an open source website platform that is one of the most widely used and supported in the world.  I spent almost a year part-time learning how to use Joomla! properly and locating a solid, reliable hosting solution that provides good technical support.

The first website I did was for my management consulting company - Apogee Consultants. You can learn more about me at my consulting website here

I'm located in rural Oakley, Utah. Because of the type of personalized service I provide my clients, most are located within an hour's drive. But if you are located outside that radius and would like to get a website done by Apogee Websites, contact me and let's chat. 

The Apogee Websites Philosophy

  • Websites shouldn't be any more complicated than is necessary to get the job done
  • The purpose of the website should determine how it looks and what is in it (content)
  • Simple is usually better - for the website owner and the website visitor
  • Most organizations don't need an expensive custom look to their website
  • People want to be able to control their website but not necessarily learn the technology
  • Every organization needs a website in today's economy, and would have one if it wasn't so intimidating or expensive
  • Most website customers need advice with what should be on their website and that should be part of the service
  • The customer is always right